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Rare Bird (Monument to a rare bird)
Rare Bird (Monument to a rare bird)
Sunday, 12 June 2016
The pier of the former Navodnitsky Bridge, not far from the Paton Bridge, opposite the Navodnitsky Park Author - A. Vladimirov At the initiative of Kiev Fashion Park “The Dnieper is wonderful in calm weather, when full of water it is freely and smoothly speeding through the forests and mountains. No stirring; no thundering. As you glance, you do not know whether its majestic width is moving or not, and you fancy as if it is made of glass, and a blue mirror road, without the measure in width, with no end in length is streaming and winding through the green world... A rare bird will fly to the middle of the Dnieper. Magnificent! There is no equal river in the world...” Gogol Few people do not know this quote from the story “A Terrible Vengeance” (“Evenings on a Farm Near Dikanka"). Some learned it by heart, others wrote dictations, still others just heard it about forty times on television, from teachers, guides and even politicians ... the rare bird And many were curious to know how exactly this very rare bird looked like and what its future fate is. The author of the sculpture suggested a positive scenario - a bird still managed to fly to the middle of a full-flowing river... and it sat down on the pillar of the bridge destroyed long ago. One more piece of art was added to the inspirational collection of metal works in the area of the Navodnitsky Park (Monument to the Founders of Kyiv, Motherland) - a nice urban seagull made of metal, in some way resembling a paper origami... The bird came out rather big - 3.5 m high, with the wingspan of 5 meters and the weight 500 kg. To manufacture it the author rented one of the shops of the Experimental Plant of the Institute of Electric Welding Equipment of E. Paton for 5 months… Despite its massiveness, it seems to be light and swift. This is, probably, the most original of all, to put it mildly, unusual statues in Kiev Fashion Park (тут имелось ввиду fashion park??), but also for the mature sculptor, still attracted by the classics... The organizers of the project keep tirelessly telling about a series of truly mystical coincidences that could not but occur because they were working with a kind of “goetic” writer. And so, in the first place - the bridge pier is located just in the middle of the Dnieper, secondly - technical characteristics perfectly suited the installation of the work, and in general - a rare bird fits perfectly there! However, one might think that without this pier, moreover in a place like this (with the Bald Hill next to it!), perhaps, the idea of a sculpture would not have appeared at all, and the fixing system of the metal bird was already optimized for the “pedestal.” But it is even more interesting in connection with Gogol... It is known that, in the dark the bird is illuminated from the Paton Bridge. Besides - an old bridge pier has long been a turnaround of tourist boats. Mysticism again? Of course! It’s Gogol, after all...
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