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Rare Bird (Rara Avis)
Rare Bird (Rara Avis)
Sunday, 12 June 2016
The Maecenas social and artistic project of Kiev Fashion Park reports that this is the first sculptural work placed on the water surface of the Dnieper River. In May 2013, the sculpture “rare bird” appeared in Kiev near the Paton Bridge. The creator of the monument, Alexei Vladimirov, dedicated it to the great Ukrainian writer N. Gogol, namely to his work “Evenings on a Farm Near Dikanka.” The bird is made of black metal and weighs about 500 kg. The sculpture is 3.5 meters high. A dilapidated pillar of the old bridge in front of the destroyed Navodnitsky Park was used as the pedestal. We believe that the sculpture "rare bird" is worthy of the place in the ranks of sights of Kiev and the Dnieper as a work of modern art. And our yacht cruises are becoming not just a kind of rest in the open air, but a full-scale educational tour of the world of nature and art. The sculpture “rare bird” is set up in the middle of the Dnieper River, near the bridge Paton. It was created by the famous Ukrainian sculptor Alexei Vladimirov. A famous phrase of N. Gogol inspired the author to create this bird. “Rare bird will fly to the middle of the Dnieper!” – this way Gogol described the power and force of the river in the story “A Terrible Vengeance," which is a part of his famous “Evenings on a Farm Near Dikanka.” One can see the “rare bird” when walking across the Paton Bridge on the side of the Lavra, or taking a bus with the route starting at the left bank of the river (besides, it is always in the rightmost lane). It is impossible to be seen from the car. The monument is installed with the support of the sponsor project Kiev Fashion Park. The sculptor, Alexei Vladimirov, breathed life into a rare bird.
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