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Пресса, статьи, отзывы Dr. G.H.Timmer, The Netherlands

Dr. G.H.Timmer, The Netherlands

ALEXEY VLADIMIROV is the most successfull artist of a group of 10 Moldovan and Ukrainian top painters and sculptors I support as a former diplomat since 1993. From the beginning of his productive period as sculptor his works have been of a high artistic standard. From his early works one can recognize his qualities in “Duma about Sons” 1985,  “First Love” 1987, “Family” 1991, “Portrait of a Woman” 1994 and many other works.

Fortunately Alexey continues to develop and explore not only his artistic qualities, he is able to make the perfect combination of a good quantity and high quality of works due to a high level of discipline. He is a hard worker, he can work day and night when he feels the inspiration, he loves and respects the materials he is working with.

Recent works like “Muse Casting Wings Down” 2004, “Akkadian Priestess” 2005 and “Passion of Androgyne” 2009 are proofs of the stable and reliable level of his sculptures.

Of course many people ask what is the reason that Vladimirov’s works have become so popular, what is so special with them? Apart form the very first reaction every art object causes to you: you simply like it or not there is something particular with his works. In general you would like to touch and to caress and stroke them, they invite you to do so. The forms are soft and round, friendly.

After his working trip to California I tried to convince Alexey that he has a golden future in the West, but he is very happy with his life in his mother country Ukraine.

I was happy to find a respected gallery in The Netherlands for the works of Alexey. The gallery is wellknown for its qualitative high standard of its respresented artists and exhibited artworks. Owner Sander Kletter is as enthousiastic about the works of Alexey as me. You can find this Galerie Beeldkracht on the internet

Dr. G.H.Timmer, The Netherlands

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